Full Throttle

Released on 30 April 1995 , Full Throttle is one of the most badass games ever launched on the videogame market. It uses the famous SCUMM engine from Lucasarts , being the tenth game to use it.

 The Story

 The game is set in a post-apocalyptic dystopian world. Ben is the protagonist , a biker gang leader that gets in trouble after Adrian Ripburger , who wants to take over Corley Motors by killing Malcolm Corley ,  asks Ben to have the Polecats appear at the upcoming annual Corley Motors shareholder's meeting as an "escort". When Ben declines, he is knocked out and thrown in a dumpster by Nestor and Bolus, malicious male henchmen of Ripburger. 

 Ben starts his quest to find out what happened to his gang , after he wakes up alone in the bar's backyard.